A Leap Ahead: Unlocking the Benefits of Xolo’s Tax and Invoicing Plan for an Easier Estonian Business Experience.

Are you looking for a professional and reliable way to register an Estonian company? Then look no further, Xolo is the perfect solution for you! With over 10 years’ experience helping register business entities from around the world, Xolo offers two unique services – Leap and Go – that make setting up a company in Estonia a breeze. Not only do they save you time and money, but their team of specialists guarantee both a smooth process of registration as well as secure payment methods and reliable customer support. Ready to get started with registering your Estonian business today? Learn more about all the great features Xolo has to offer by reading our xolo.io review.

What Services Does Xolo Offer?

Xolo is a digital business service that enables entrepreneurs and freelancers to incorporate a company and obtain a digital residency in Estonia. They offer both ‘Leap’ and ‘Go’ services, enabling their clients to become an Estonian resident or citizen legally. The Leap service includes the Digital Residency Program, a full package which includes legal advice, registration process guidance, accounting services, lawyer support and bank sign-up for setting up an Estonian company quickly and easily. Their Go service is a more basic package, providing guidance and assistance with the registration process but not including the legal services or accounting.

How Do the Leap and Go Services Work?

The Leap service begins with signing up for Xolo’s Digital Residency Program, where clients are assigned a personal team of professionals who will help them through the entire incorporation process. Once registered, clients can access all the necessary information regarding incorporating an Estonian business online. This includes guidance on registering as a resident of Estonia, opening an Estonian bank account, choosing an accounting plan, setting up taxes and invoices and obtaining a Tax Identification Number. Clients will also benefit from onboarding assistance as they are sent step-by-step instructions on how to use Xolo‘s platform.

Is Xolo A Time- And Money-Saver?

Yes! Xolo guarantees customers a fast and straightforward process that saves time and money. It eliminates the need for clients to visit Estonia in person in order to register their business; instead, all documentation is completed digitally. This enables customers to complete the entire process from their home country within just one week! Xolo also provides great customer support; their customer support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or queries with regards to their services. Furthermore, Xolo offers competitive customer plans ranging from €590 per year for freelancers to €1912 per year for bigger businesses.

Is Xolo Legitimate Business To Use For Registering Estonian Companies?

Yes! Xolo is completely legitimate. As well as being regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA), it is also supported by Estonia’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication (MeC). All of their customer documents are stored securely in accordance with GDPR regulations.

What Are the Benefits Of Using Xolo’s Services When Registering An Estonian Company?

By using Xolo for company incorporation in Estonia, customers can benefit from numerous advantages such as: gaining access to one of Europe’s most attractive taxation systems; no need to visit Estonia in person; instant access to professional accountants; streamlined processes that ensure higher customer satisfaction levels; making tax filing easier with automated payments; quick & secure payment methods with local banking partners; access to customer support 24/7; tailored solutions designed according to each client’s needs; cheaper fees than other competitors.


Xolo offers top-notch professional services catered specifically towards small businesses looking to register companies in Estonia. For those entrepreneurs looking for a hassle-free and time-saving way of setting up shop in Estonia, then look no further than Xolo! Not only do they have an experienced team of professionals but also offer competitive customer plans that can save you both time and money.